Andromeda Systems is one of 14 vendors chosen for half billion-dollar army support services contract

Andromeda Systems is one of 14 vendors chosen for half billion-dollar army support services contract

Andromeda Systems is pleased to be one of 14 small businesses awarded an opportunity to participate in a $499 million-dollar Army Support Services contract. In this capacity, the selected companies will compete for task orders that support the US military service under a potential five-year, $499M contract. According to the US Defense Department (DOD), the Army Contracting Command received 47 bids for the multiple-award hybrid contract via the internet and only 14 of the 47 made it to the final round.

As a preferred vendor for this US Defense Department initiative, Andromeda Systems will provide its expertise in project, program and portfolio management, life cycle logistics, systems engineering; information technology, physical security, education and training, business analytics and financial management.  Accordingly, one of Andromeda’s most widely sought-after products, OptiAM®, an enterprise asset management software was originally developed for the precise standards required by the U.S. Military for use by experienced maintenance personnel.

Andromeda Systems, Inc. provides critical products and services to support enterprise asset management:

  1. Through MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE products that support processes like Level of Repair Analysis (LORA), Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), and Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA).
  2. In dozens of training programs for specifically tiered to teach fundamental asset management concepts to beginners and experts from the repair front-line up through the levels of management.
  3. With engineering consulting to integrate leading edge technology and classical analysis methods for optimal performance.

How Andromeda Systems supports the US Military

Military personnel need accurate data 24/7 to make critical decisions at every level.  Imagine thousands of complex and disparate systems across the DOD’s massive enterprise where essential intelligence and data is processed, managed and shared. Add to the mix diverse reporting practices and procedures that potentially vary from unit to unit and the need for expert asset management and analytics intensifies.  While large complex organizations need the ability to aggregate data, standardize operations and effectively manage assets, it’s mission critical for the US Military, for the sake of US national security, to have failsafe systems in place.

The bottom line is that the US military depends on having real-time access to accurate data analytics to evaluate situations and potential threats. As such, OptiAM® is designed to optimize asset performance by converting data into actionable insights and pragmatic knowledge that can be applied to improve operational performance.  The beauty of OptiAM® is that not only is it an intuitive solution that can be easily implemented, it gives asset and fleet managers the ability to leverage powerful predictive analytics and mobile technology capabilities. ASI’s systematic approach provides advanced predictive modeling and simulation capabilities that evaluate an organization’s support infrastructure and identify optimal solutions for long-term support and asset management.

OptiAM® is an Enterprise Asset Management Software/ (EAM) system. EAM manages an organization’s physical, financial, & contractual information across their assets’ life cycle. It also helps asset managers effectively plan, control, and monitor scheduled and preventive maintenance on those physical assets. For this DOD contract, OptiAM® will help military personal, from central command to field operations, to accurately locate, track and monitor their assets particularly high-value assets used in defense operations.

ASI’s Military expertise Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) for US Naval Air Systems

In February 2017, ASI was awarded NAVAIR’s AIR 6.6 Logistics Support $249,875,555 contract to provide integrated logistics product support, program management, and logistics support services in acquisition and sustainment for the life cycle of specified weapons systems, system of systems, its sub-systems, and support equipment. In late 2016, the U.S. Navy awarded ASI a $35.2 million contract for the delivery of reliability-centered maintenance for new and in-service aircraft, engines, systems, support equipment and depot plant equipment, including their modifications, during all life cycle phases and levels of maintenance. In general, military personnel responsible for equipment must be able to identify problems that could ultimately lead to equipment failure. ASI’s RCM analysis software assists physical asset owners to implement and improve cost effective maintenance programs using a logical and comprehensive SAE JA1011 compliant RCM process. Using well-defined engineering rules, RCM takes the guess work out of determining maintenance tasks and ensures the correct maintenance is performed… on the right equipment… at the proper time… to prevent failures.“We are honored that ASI was chosen as a preferred vendor for this important US DOD project. Our expertise working with the military asset management will help DOD personnel proactively track assets, manage inventory, and ensure maintenance schedules are optimized,” said ASI COO Jon Leverette.

 About OptiAM®: OptiAM® EAM software is a secure, web-based application, designed to address unique customer requirements. Originally developed for the US Military by experienced maintenance personnel, OptiAM® is applicable to a wide range of asset types in any environment. Configurable and intuitive, OptiAM® applies to users in any industry.

About ASI: Andromeda Systems, Incorporated (ASI) is an ISO-9001:2008 company committed to superior technical performance and excellence in customer satisfaction. Our mission is to assist asset and fleet managers in achieving optimal levels of economy, availability, and safety by developing and applying leading systems engineering tools, processes, and expertise. We are headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, with offices in Lexington Park, MD; Arlington, VA; Jacksonville, FL; Havelock, NC; Oklahoma City, OK and San Diego, CA.


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