Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI) is pleased to announce that it has joined the PTC Partner Network as a solution and services provider for their ThingWorx IoT and Vuforia AR products.  ASI’s core competency and expertise are in the Lifecycle Product Support Analysis and maintenance optimization trade space, and extending into CBM+, IIoT and AR product offerings. Our staff of internationally recognized leaders in the Reliability, Maintenance, Supportability, Engineering, and Logistics disciplines are shaping industries and developing revolutionary solutions to improve physical asset management. ASI’s flagship software suite, OptiAM®, leverages years of experience and cutting-edge analytical tools to improve asset performance and reduce life-cycle costs, increasing ROI for our customers.

Carl Sawyer, CIO of Andromeda Systems Incorporated, stated “ASI sees a great potential in aiding organizations to pursue the path of digital transformation by integrating the capabilities of the OptiAM® suite with the ThingWorx© and Vuforia® products to enhance the supportability driven data analytics for near real time maintenance scheduling, execution delivery, and capturing feedback for Machine Learning and continuous improvement.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Andromeda Systems to the PTC Partner Network,” said John Gray, Divisional Vice President, PTC Partner Network. Our carefully-selected network of partners allows us to leverage market expertise and deliver the product and service quality synonymous with the PTC brand.”

About ASI

Andromeda Systems Incorporated provides tools and services to assist Physical Asset Owners, Fleet Managers, and Military Program Managers in gaining critical insights into their equipment’s performance, identifying system improvements, optimizing operations & support, making better business decisions, and achieving measurable life-cycle cost savings.

As a leading provider of professional and high technology services and solutions, ASI serves the Department of Defense, U.S. civilian agencies and private industry.
ASI is a NSAI ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.


About PTC Partner Network
Companies join the PTC Partner Network to innovate with PTC leading technologies, collaborate with the right partners and customers, and capitalize on the digital transformation opportunity.  PTC Partner Network accelerates our customers’ ability to capitalize on physical digital convergence by providing a broad and capable ecosystem of complementary technologies, solutions and services that accelerate their design, development, implementation and production time for their solutions.


About PTC
PTC helps companies around the world reinvent the way they design, manufacture, operate, and service products in and for a smart, connected world. In 1986 we revolutionized digital 3D design, and in 1998 were first to market with Internet-based product lifecycle management. Today, our leading industrial innovation platform and field-proven solutions enable you to unlock value at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. With PTC, manufacturers and an ecosystem of partners and developers can capitalize on the promise of the Internet of Things and augmented reality technology today and drive the future of innovation.