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Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI) will be hosting a booth to showcase Enterprise Asset Management software and Mr. Rob Willis, Vice President Acquisition Support and Program Management will be presenting on the topic: Supportability-The New Discipline for Sustainment, at SMRP’s 25th Annual Conference taking place in Kansas City, Missouri, from October 16-19, 2017. This annual gathering of over 1,000 maintenance, reliability, and physical asset management professionals focuses on providing attendees with tools and strategies to improve the maintenance and reliability programs at their respective facilities while effectively managing risk.

ASI is excited to feature OptiAM®, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software at our booth. ASI products and services apply to a wide range of asset types in any industrial environment. As such, we are excited to once again promote our innovative, intuitive asset management solutions designed to optimize the performance of high-value and mission-critical physical assets and fleets.

The SMRP Exhibit Hall will feature displays from almost 100 industry partners, offering the opportunity to learn more about new products and services.

Additional information can be found at the SMRP Conference website.

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