About LPD Planner & Estimator

LPD Planner & Estimator is a web-based software application that organizes Logistics Product Data (LPD) requirements by Integrated Product Support (IPS) functional area and by SAE TA-STD-0017, GEIA-HB-0007 processes, and activities, by acquisition phase. It provides report outputs that allow for easy integration into the Statement of Work (SOW) and compliance with Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) requirements for an acquisition contract. Contracting for LPD/LSA data can be daunting with the myriad of standards and handbooks and knowledge of product support requirements. This tool is intended to provide an easy and accurate method for the program manager and data provider to tailor and identify the support data elements needed and associated costs to develop them for an acquisition contract.

LPD Planner & Estimator Features

Uses the SAE standard and handbooks (GEIA-HB-0007, GEIA-STD-0007B, TA-STD-0017, TA-HB-0007-1), MIL-HDBK-502A, NA-00-25-406, and DODI 5000.02 as references for the data attributes, logistics task activities, summary reports, acquisition phases, and functional area requirements.

Provides an intuitive wizard-like capability to tailor the data attribute requirements to support development of the Logistic Product Data (LPD) needed to support the program.


Backward compatible to generate data elements that comply with the legacy MIL-STD-1388-2B.


Generate SOW requirements and CDRLs with applicable Data Item Descriptions (DID), DI-SESS-81758 & DI-SESS-81759.

Generate summary reports based on user-defined requirements for the Acquisition Phase or functional areas.

Complies with current US Government DID (Data Item Description).

Benefits of Using LPD Planner & Estimator

  • Reduce acquisition cost and improve data accuracy by ensuring the right data is acquired for a particular acquisition and support strategy
  • Eliminate duplicate data element requirements across output reports and acquisition phases
  • Improve understanding of LPD attributes, how they are used, and what benefit they provide
  • Save time and effort in the data entry and analysis processes with an easy to use intuitive interface
  • Minimize setup time and cost through a web-based SaaS platform
  • Increase efficiency through a secure internet accessible system
  • Reduce training and problem resolution time with professional technical support and expertise

Case Studies


A US Military Program office used LPD Planner & Estimator during the EM&D phase to generate a list of data elements required for their acquisition strategy to compare with what data elements were on contract to be delivered by the OEM. A gap analysis was performed to identify data shortfalls and resulting support impacts.

As a result of the analysis, several shortfalls were identified and corrected prior to negative impacts being realized by the program. LPD Planner & Estimator saved considerable time and money over a manual review.


LPDP&E Module assists in acquiring the right data and contracting assistance for the right Product Support Analysis (PSA) process activities at the appropriate phase of an acquisition program. It is designed for use by each functional and engineering specialty group to accurately tailor their program to the correct Logistics Product Data requirements and Product Support Analysis process activities commensurate with the Acquisition Phase.

The LPD Planner & Estimator allows for easy program tailoring of the LPD requirements and using the outputs helps to optimize the cost of LPD acquisition, as well as help influence design and program decisions.


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