LORA Modeler – Level of Repair Analysis and cost/spares optimizer

About LORA Modeler

LORA Modeler is a web-based software application designed to perform Level/Location of Repair analysis based on operational and cost considerations. It provides a data repository to document system models and sensitivity excursions. The LORA Modeler recommends optimal maintenance concepts, repair/discard decisions, spares inventory, and life-cycle costs for any given point in the performance to cost curve. It supports the analytical methodology and policies laid out in SAE TA-STD-017 and AS1390 standards.



Create private and shared models using bulk import functions using Excel Templates, LPD data or intuitive User Interface (UI)


Powerful analytics using world renowned OPUS 10 modeling engine from Systecon


Provides optimized results as a performance to cost curve, the results of each point on the curve can then be used to determine the optimal support structure at any given availability and life cycle cost.


View and analyze expected backorders and fill rates impacts on life cycle cost as well as depreciation.


Analyze scenarios/models with changing operational requirements, cost and reliability predictions

Easily perform economic decisions on location of repair and spares stock

Ability to perform repair and discard analysis

Discern life cycle costs including spares inventory and cost over planned usage

Decision support for organic or outsourcing of repair capabilities

Full integration with the OptiAM® Enterprise Asset Management suite

Forward integration with Systecon’s OPUS suite for complex simulation needs


Save time and effort in the data entry and analysis processes with an easy to use intuitive interface

Improve decision fidelity over single point solutions provided by other tools

Simplify level/location of repair decisions with built-in analytics designed for use by entry and mid-level career logisticians/analysts

Minimize setup-time and cost through a web-based SaaS platform

Increase efficiency through a secure internet accessible system

Eliminate duplication of effort through shared data model

Reduce training and problem resolution time with professional technical support and expertise


Perform Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) using the LORA Modeler to identify the optimal maintenance concept with repair/discard options, as well as determine the spares inventory needs and life-cycle costs for a selected availability requirement. With the LORA Modeler, you can bulk-load the product sites, and maintenance resources data or use the intuitive user-interface to enter the same information. In addition, the LORA Modeler allows you to set up several maintenance concept alternatives and execute the model’s powerful analytics engine that provides optimal performance to cost curves and decision point impacts on availability and cost.

This powerful tool provides the ability to gain insight into the impacts of backorder, fill rate, and system availability at any life-cycle cost amount or vice-versa.  Using sensitivity analysis options, analysts can realize tremendous benefits while saving time to easily model multiple scenarios of changing operational conditions and reliability of the items under analysis.  Results can be used to influence budgets, suggest design improvements, and recommend changes to the system support structure.

lora modeler

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