The key to OneView’s effectiveness is its capacity to aggregate data from existing systems, cleanse the data over time and produce a common view across the Force Structure.

OneView leverages data from key operational support areas – Finance, Logistics, Personnel and Platforms – to enable Resourcing, Forecasting, Costing and Understanding in near real time. Processes are refined, staff burden is reduced and true costs become transparent.


OneView’s Evidence of Success

Whole Ship Coordination

“Any tool which alleviates long hours and frustration in the workplace can be expected to improve retention.”

RAN Shipboard Trial Report
Royal Australian Navy

Integrated Training

“The Information system …could be extended to all Services. This will, in particular, improve the management of untrained manpower.”

MOD Report
British Army

Career Management

“OneView has provided the Army with a modern and efficient CM solution to replace the existing legacy system.”

Army Trial Report
Australian Army

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