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OptiAM® Decisioning technology is an on-demand “DecisionBot” that utilizes data, rules and scoring tailored to your specific needs. The software gives you access to a wide range of web-based third-party data services for validation and scoring with the ability to incorporate your own data.

ASI’s OptiAM® Decisioning is a solution that not only provides the SaaS, but also the resources and business services to operate your decisioning model. Clients select from a broad array of data, flexible user-defined rules, and scoring with progressive analytics to learn and improve based on successes.

Our System to System operations through Web Services and flexible API’s give you real-time results that provide actionable insights.

Financial Services Division Provides Actionable Insight

Proven, cost-effective strategies for managing business process decisioning

Quickly implement an automated tool to support complex decision analytics


Ability to apply rules in decision-making that learn from experience

Where and how to collect all the data required to make a reliable decision

Proven, timely, cost-effective approach to replace outdated, inefficient technology and manual processes

Loss of institutional knowledge workers without capture of decisioning expertise

Computer savvy expert replacements lack business process and subject matter expertise to make reliable decisions

Adopting readily available Cloud-based tools for rapid modernization

Scope of Services

Business Service Provider

The days of contracting with one firm to develop a custom system to your specifications and then hire additional contractors or staff to learn and use that software and process are long gone. BSP is the most effective solution, we provide a full-service turnkey approach with our SaaS DecisionBot and our team of skilled professionals to support the exception processing, customer service, and entire business process to deliver transaction results while continually updating and improving compliant with regulations.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you have no need for a BSP solution or prefer a system-to-system integrated process, you can tap into our Web Service API, On-Demand SaaS offering. Today technology isn’t custom developed or even acquired as licensed software. Cloud-based, on demand, plug and play application solutions are readily available to address the simple to the complex. Our tools can be easily configured to address the unique requirements of your programs with custom rules, scoring algorithms, and even the data requirements can be easily tailored and augmented to your unique requirements.

Transition to Cloud Computing

Don’t be a hostage to a data center provider. Proven techniques for migrating your platform to the Cloud are readily available.  Many of the time consuming and frustrating challenges of data processing are effectively solved by migrating to the Cloud. Plus, the availability of resources expands exponentially.

Business Process Decisioning

In today’s business world there are a million processes that can benefit from automated decisioning. Everything from application processing, to grants, aid, loans, invoice payment, refund issuance, and many other processes have one or many opportunities to automate key decisions that are normally very time consuming, resource constrained and inconsistent.

The Healthcare industry also involves many decision points across the diagnosis and treatment process for automation. Creating your own, custom DecisionBot is now easy, economical, and very cost effective. Our DecisionBot technology and proven best practices will expedite the achievement of your goals at a fraction of the cost and time normally required.

Client Cost Savings

In addition to speeding up your processes, improving the accuracy and consistency, we can help you save large sums of expense through automated rules-based and AI learning techniques. All organizations make recurring costly mistakes because decisions are left to human control and the subjective and often careless approach used in processing transactions.

The use of automated rules, with continuous improvement and experience learning, can drive out those errors and result in significant savings resulting from financial mistakes. We have demonstrated to numerous large programs significant savings through the use of automated decisioning.

OptiAM® Decisioning Features

Multiple decision points automated through OptiAM® Decision to solve problems efficiently and effectively

Default Management predictor by updating Credit, Collateral, Income, Employment and other key factors using real-time Web Services and API’s and comparing new factors to the original loan to calculate a default Risk Score for each loan

Identification of variances from industry standard ratio’s, FICO, DTI, Loan to Value, Credit absorption, AVM-based Collateral value to document potential risks.

Best Value resolution analysis comparing the likely return on the various loss mitigation alternatives

Selection of the best return with the highest likelihood of success

Once a loss mitigation strategy is identified, the potential loan loss can be calculated

Web Services Data Collection

Comprehensive Borrower, Credit, Asset/Collateral, Income, Employment, Background, Resources, and other verifications of applicant and data gathering completed in seconds via real-time Web Services using API’s to gather data for calculations and scoring.

Rules-Based Workflow

Automated boarding, Demand Letters, Outbound Calling, Credit Report Retrieval, and Analysis, Skip Tracing, Flexible Definition of Rules and Timelines, Inbound response tracking.

Cloud Hosting /FEDRAMP Compliant

Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on Amazon Web Services a FEDRAMP Client Cloud Service. Soon to be available on GSA.

Accounting and Reporting

Loan Level US-SGL fully compliant integrated GL, full GAGAS compliant, SSAE16 audited, fully integrated with Treasury Pay.Gov, Lockbox collections and PAM, SPS disbursements, real-time GL/Trial Balance with drill down, On-Demand reports and queries, comprehensive daily interface to Agency Core Accounting System; Treasury Report of Receivables.

Case Studies

HUD National Loan Servicing Support

Served as Key Personnel for the transition, build and operations of a 1.2 Million Secretary Held Loan Portfolio providing full loan servicing, loss mitigation, default management, cash management, accounting and reporting. Stood up center, transitioned systems, data, and collateral files, developed procedures and implemented banking and accounting systems.  Successfully completed three SSAE16 Audits, two OIG Audits, A-123 Audit and quarterly Agency QC reviews.

SMART Business Service Provider

 Subcontractor for the transfer, modernization and transformation of three mission-critical HUD legacy systems.  Successfully converted and modernized all systems to web-based technology, transitioned to Amazon Web Services and converted all data. Fully modernized the system operations and implemented on-demand reporting and interfaces. On-going transformation to Microsoft.Net environment.


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