Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

Our NSAI Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) reflects our ongoing commitment to build repeatable quality into our products and services “the first time.”

The QMS succeeds through the personal commitment of our president and is implemented through a comprehensive management system designed to empower individuals, promote teamwork and focus on customer satisfaction while continually improving work processes across the organization.

Control Measures

Control measures are built into the QMS to maintain accountability and responsibility for program support services. We use control measures to identify potential problems early so we can take immediate corrective action while meeting milestones and quality standards set for every project. Below are the control measures used to monitor and maximize quality performance.

Control Measure
Data Collection Method
Reports Current status of program, projects, systems Staff input and automated systems available on-line
Milestones Monitor schedule and project progress Comparison of planned to actual milestones available on-line
Visits On-site verification of support services Personal observations, informal face-to-face communications
Periodic Meetings Obtain customer guidance and feedback Written notes, minutes, action items, and milestones available online
User Feedback Gauge user satisfaction / dissatisfaction Regular informal meetings with customer managers. QA Routing Review Form available on-line
Employee Training To assure that all employees obtain the most-recent information pertaining to their area of competence Corporate Human Resources Department maintains records of all training classes attended by employees
Financial Reports Identify financial status, issues, and problems, ensure accuracy Corporate financial management system reports. PM verification of reports available on-line


Use our Online Suggestion Form to make suggestions or report an issue. A member of our Quality Assurance Team will respond to your submission.

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