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Dynama OneView is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) workforce optimization and resource management application that supports time-based management of people, resources, and operations. Dynama OneView is designed to maximize the effectiveness of skilled personnel and assets in often complex and diverse austere environments. An enterprise-wide view of resourcing requirements and available skillsets drives informed decision-making and enhanced corporate performance.


Proactively manage resources and keep track of personnel operations in real-time.

Use powerful forecasting functionality to plan complex program management and workforce optimization in often dangerous, diverse and austere environments.

Maximize the effectiveness of skilled personnel and assets globally across multiple time zones.

Track changes in resource requirements over time to analyze current capabilities and model for future requirements, leading to improved decision-making and greater cost control.

Tailor the Dynama OneView system to expand capability as circumstances demand.

Handle all aspects of static HR data such as personnel details, administration, assignments, and allowances from other corporate systems, e.g., Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other database solutions to create a fully integrated, highly effective and predictive resource management framework.

Analyze current capabilities and model for the future.


Monitor and eliminate inefficient resource allocation and personnel deployment.

Reduce reliance on time-consuming spreadsheets, multiple project plans and staff overheads.

Highlight potential critical issues and take remedial action to avert crisis situations.

Capture and manage the cost of operations and changes to workforce optimization.

Interface with leading ERP solutions for a single, integrated view.

Provide one source of the truth.

React proactively to forecasting and planning scenarios that arise.

Case Studies


Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has been working with the Dynama team for over a decade. We rely on the first class support services we receive. Everyone we deal with understands the cruise business which helps with best practice use of the solution. Over the year’s projects where Dynama has been involved and the speed of implementation and post project support has resulted in objectives being achieved within time and budget.

Joe LaFrance, Manager, Shipboard Applications Systems, NCLH

Whole Ship Coordination

“Any tool which alleviates long hours and frustration in the workplace can be expected to improve retention.”

RAN Shipboard Trial Report
Royal Australian Navy

Integrated Training

“The Information system …could be extended to all Services. This will, in particular, improve the management of untrained manpower.”

MOD Report
British Army

Career Management

“OneView has provided the Army with a modern and efficient CM solution to replace the existing legacy system.”

Army Trial Report



 Andromeda Systems Incorporated is a certified reseller of Dynama Solutions in the United States

Dynama OneView is a comprehensive workforce optimization and resource management SaaS application enabling resource management teams to maximize the effectiveness of skilled personnel and assets in often complex and diverse environments, anywhere in the world at any time. A complete enterprise-wide view of resources and available skill sets supports strategic, informed and time decision-making that enhances corporate performance.

Dynama OneView manages evolving resource requirements at a strategic and operational level. The system is focused on the challenging aspects of full, predictive and proactive people and resource management. Dynama OneView interfaces with leading HR and ERP solutions to augment data and identify issues and trends.


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