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Andromeda Systems Incorporated introduces a new capability in our Innovation and New Product division. Autonomous Drone Visual Inventory System of Record (ADVISOR) is an inventory and asset tracking system that uses commercial drones equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, coupled with software developed to provide semi-autonomous asset tracking. ADVISOR uses RFID to capture real-time data and relays that data to OptiAM, ASI’s Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS).


  • ADVISOR captures, stores and manages real time data in any Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) providing enhanced asset tracking and analysis.
  • Ability to generate reports based on user-defined requirements for agile asset tracking analysis. Configurable and scalable to any environment where asset data is collected.
  • Developed with a variety of applications in mind, ADVISOR is capable of providing inventory and asset management for Defense, Transportation and Commercial industries.
  • ADVISOR will optimize your asset and inventory management accuracy and efficiency while reducing manhours and cost.
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Transportation and Logistics

With the expanding reliance on shipping, companies are faced with a multitude of inventory and asset tracking challenges. Many of these assets are stored outdoors in distant yards, fields, or lots, presenting significant complications in efficiently locating and assessing the status of assets.

Most inventories and asset tracking are carried out via a lengthy and tedious manual process, often resulting in inconsistent and inaccurate data due to human error.

ADVISOR will provide an optimized asset tracking and inventory control process increasing data accuracy and productivity while reducing vital resource dependencies. ADVISOR uses embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to geo-mark and map assets. ADVISOR captures, stores, and incorporates data into an EAMS for enhanced data management and analysis.


  • Optimized asset inventory and tracking
  • Near real-time asset visibility
  • Data relayed to EAMS
  • Geo-mark field assets to less than 13 feet
  • Pairs GPS coordinate with RFID tag
  • Configurable to customer requirements
  • Access from any laptop, tablet, mobile device
  • Asset characteristics loaded to RFID tag
  • Passive and Active RFID tags
  • Manual or Autonomous flight
ADVISOR Drone in Flight


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