About Supportability Analyzer

Perform supportability analysis to identify optimal logistics product data (LPD) to meet operational and maintenance requirements and develop life-cycle cost strategies. Supportability Analyzer is a web-based software application designed to assist the logistician in documenting logistics product data in compliance with the SAE GEIA-STD-0007 standard. Utilize the Supportability Analyzer to develop and support the full spectrum of supportability requirements including reliability, availability, failure modes/effects, maintenance tasks, and planning & provisioning technical documentation needed to meet the operational requirements of the weapon system.

Supportability Analyzer Features

Highly scalable and robust web-based application designed on the Microsoft.Net and SQL Server technology stack

Full compliance with SAE GEIA-STD-0007-B and TA-HB-0007-1 available standard reports

Backward compatible and interoperable with legacy MIL-STD-1388 2B standard

Full and change file data exchange using both 0007 XML and 2B text file standards

Powerful and feature-rich user interface with time-saving search and navigation


Ensure data integrity and business rule compliance with user-friendly and standardized error messages

Benefits of Using Supportability Analyzer

  • Use the built-in dashboard to visualize the status of the LPD by LCN, Tasks, Failure
    Modes and Provisioning data metrics.
  • Easy to use intuitive interface that saves time and effort in the data entry and analysis processes.
  • Easily navigate the LCN tree to perform task analysis and maintenance planning requirements.
  • Native data mining and update capability of any GEIA-STD-007 data elements by the entity using the Data Management section of the application.
  • Generate standard LPD reports including the popular LSA-019, LSA-024, LSA-080, LSA-070, and LSA-151, with easy to search LCN ranges and other report filters.
  • Use the standardized grid search capability to develop simple Ad-hoc reports to Excel.
  • Manage digital multimedia files and link to LCN, Part, Part application, etc. from a central location and export.
  • Design and build complex Ad-hoc queries using any compatible MS SQL server plug-in BI (Business Intelligence) tool like MS Access, Visual Studio, etc.
  • Seamlessly share product breakdown tree and applicable data elements with the LORA modeler module.
  • Professional technical support.
  • Web-based: Private and fully secure SaaS deployment and intranet licensing models.

Supportability Analyzer Software GUIDE

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