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Optimize the performance of high-value and mission-critical physical assets and fleets with analytics driven EAM Software System


OptiAM® is an Enterprise Asset Management Software/ (EAM) system designed to be easy to use and quickly implemented while leveraging powerful predictive analytics and mobile technology to convert data into actionable knowledge to optimize asset performance.

Originally developed for the exacting standards of the U.S. Military by experienced maintenance personnel, OptiAM® is applicable to a wide range of asset types in any industry environment.


Here are just some of the unique features OptiAM® users enjoy:

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Reduced implementation

and training costs… PLUS highly competitive licensing costs

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Seamless system integration

with already existing applications and databases

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Supports compliance with industry standards

such as ISO-55000, LEED and SAE JA1011

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Simple and intuitive

user interfaces

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Ability to customize interfaces and processes

which in turn, shortens learning curves

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Latest web-based technology

ensures maximum reliability and security for every operation

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Incorporates latest technology

Including mobile, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
and Predictive Maintenance


OptiAM® is a module based system which can be tailored
to your needs. OptiAM® modules include:

  • Asset Manager

    The Asset Manager module identifies, defines and documents assets. With the Asset Manager, you can add assets and define attributes such as serial number, location, warranty, and vendor information. The Asset Manager allows you to group assets into physical and functional hierarchies and identify assets via QR code or RFID tags. The interface provides intelligent searches for quick access to a variety of lists and information about your assets. For spares, parts and consumables, Asset Manager will track quantities on hand, establish reorder points, and identify vendor information.

  • RCM Analyzer

    RCM Analyzer

    Perform RCM analysis to identify failure modes and determine optimum maintenance strategies. The RCM Analyzer uses the 7-Step SAE JA1011 RCM process. With the RCM Analyzer, you can manage analysis workflow and approval processes and access technical and project management reports for insight into RCM analysis progress and realized benefits. This historical log allows you to evaluate preventive maintenance task changes over time and provides an audit trail to your PM program.

  • Live Library

    With the Live Library, all available maintenance and operating procedures and resource information is at the fingertips of any user in any location. Live Library stores, associates and classifies technical data associated with individual assets and provides an intuitive, searchable interface for easy access. Live Library also allows the user to print documents and add notes and comments to documents to promote knowledge sharing.

  • Tech Manual Publisher

    This feature provides the ability to create technical manuals at the touch of a button. The Tech Manual Publisher will build maintenance, operating and emergency procedure packages from multiple individual tasks, and then optimize sequencing of tasks within a package. With the Tech Manual Publisher, you can create technical manuals, specifications and other documents in a variety of formats from any set of tasks built in Task Developer. Technical manuals can be output in a variety of formats including Adobe PDF and SI000D XML format.

  • Task Developer

    Develop the procedures and identify all of the resources needed to support your assets. Task Developer identifies resources needed to perform preventative and corrective maintenance tasks and groups these tasks into maintenance packages. The Task Developer can also generate electronic maintenance manuals, standard operating procedures (SOP) and emergency operating procedures (EOP). Revisions can be tracked and releases controlled. Task Developer also creates automated checklists for use with the OptiAM ® mobile and FleetChek™ mobile applications.

  • Maintenance Optimizer

    Optimize your maintenance schedule based on individual asset usage and environment to minimize down time or cost. The Maintenance Optimizer provides a full featured work order management system to schedule, manage, execute and document maintenance workload. It also can schedule actions such as contract or warranty renewals, planned upgrades and set alert triggers to generate automated work orders based on inputs from inspections, PdM or equipment monitoring systems. The Maintenance Optimizer provides near real-time equipment status to other modules in OptiAM®

  • Supportability Optimizer

    This one-of-a-kind Supportability Optimizer provides advanced modeling and simulation capabilities to evaluate your support infrastructure and identify optimum support solutions. Supportability Optimizer will help answer questions such as:
    1) How many spares should I stock and where should I keep them?
    2) Should I establish repair capabilities and if so, how much and where should I locate it?
    3) What is an optimum maintenance outsourcing strategy and what is the potential ROI?
    4) What is the optimum replacement strategy for an asset?
    The Supportability Optimizer will allow you to more accurately predict the support cost elements of Total Ownership Cost better than ever before. Because it is integrated within the OptiAM® suite, developing and modeling support scenarios is much faster and easier than using other stand-alone modeling or cost analysis tools. This module is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2018.


  • “Our Inspector told us we no longer had to present all the paper records during our FAA Certification Inspections. The reports show them everything they need without shuffling through folders.”

  • “In the past, we were only capable of updating maintenance plans annually. This was because the master document was kept locally, updated through the year as changes were required and distributed as hard copies to all locations. Now, because of OptiAM® we can make changes to PM tasks within minutes, which is immediately accessible to all users around the country.”