About the Financial Services Division

ASI’s Financial Services Division senior management team has over 35 years of experience as a Business Service Provider, Software as a Service (SaaS), Software Life-cycle, Data Analytics, Compliance, Performance Management, and Business Process Re-engineering.

The same team leverages their extensive knowledge and expertise in Loan Programs, Financial Management and Federal Financial Regulatory Compliance to help meet client challenges.

Their comprehensive background in mortgage banking, building multiple service centers and successfully transitioning large BSP projects for multiple federal agencies is another value ASI offers their clients.

The Financial Services Division senior management team has extensive experience with the Big 4 Consulting firms.

Financial Services Division Provides Actionable Insight

Proven, cost-effective strategies for managing financial transaction processing

Application of workflow processing and decision analytics

The right resources and tools to manage work

Proven, timely, cost-effective approach to replace outdated, inefficient technology

Loss of institutional knowledge workers without capture of expertise

Computer savvy replacements lack business process and subject matter expertise

Adopting readily available Cloud-based tools for rapid modernization

Scope of Services

Business Service Provider

The days of contracting with one firm to develop a custom system to the governments’ specifications and then hire contractors to learn and use that software and other GFE is long gone. BSP is the most effective solution, hire a contractor to operate an entire business process to include providing the software, the equipment, the facility and require it to continually be updated and compliant with regulations.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you can’t achieve a BSP solution, the next best is a SaaS offering. Today technology isn’t custom developed or even acquired as licensed software. Cloud-based, on demand, plug and play application solutions are readily available to address the simple to the complex. These tools can be easily configured to address the unique requirements of most programs and even the code can be easily tailored to your unique requirements.

Transition to Cloud Computing

Don’t be a hostage to a data center provider. Proven techniques for migrating your platform to the Cloud are readily available. Many of the time consuming and frustrating challenges of data processing are effectively solved by migrating to the Cloud. Plus, the availability of resources expands exponentially.

Business Process Re-engineering and Professional Consulting Services

If your technology just needs to be updated, a key to successful modernization is selecting a firm that understands both the technology available, the business processes and control requirements. By selecting a contractor knowledgeable of best practices for your business processes will expedite the achievement of your goals at a fraction of the cost of hiring a team that has to be educated.

Systems Development, Modernization, and Enhancement

If you got stuck with one or more legacy apps that are way past their useful life, you may need to look at major modernization. In today’s environment even, this option can be accelerated through the adoption of Agile Development techniques and Web DevOps approach to software management. Find a firm that can demonstrate true productivity through new approaches and technology.

Financial and Capital Asset Management

Asset Management can take many forms based on the type of asset.  There are physical personal assets such as a laptop, and then there is large expensive equipment that must be maintained and finally our focus, Financial Assets, Loans, Receivables, and other forms of Debt that require tracking, accounting, and collection. ASI’s OptiAM<sup>®</sup> is designed to support both large equipment, like F-35 fighter jets as well as the collection of Debts. ASI as a Company has the broad experience to manage the maintenance and supportability of major DoD aircraft programs as well as assisting your agency with the financial management, accounting, and collection of Accounts Receivable.

OptiAM® A/R Features

Modern Web-browser User Interface with graphical displays and drop-down lists

Highly flexible Case Search with many different options to find a case

Hyperlinks to detail transactions and supporting collateral document images

Comprehensive view of chronological case history of all activity types

Data-driven workflow tasks with automated work queue creation

Full tracking and validation of collateral documents and correspondence images

Flexible billing terms, tracking of Treasury Offsets and other referrals

Loan Level US-SGL Compliant General Ledger

Comprehensive portfolio accounting and financial reporting dashboard

Flexible interface to agency Core Accounting

Debt Collection Improvement Act

Fully compliant with the requirements of the Debt Collection Act, to include Transfer of Debts to Treasury, AWG, Credit Bureau Reporting, Referrals to Private Collection Agencies, Department of Justice, and Treasury Offset.

Rules-Based Workflow

Automated boarding, Demand Letters, Outbound Calling, Credit Report Retrieval, and Analysis, Skip Tracing, Flexible Definition of Rules and Timelines, Inbound response tracking

Cloud Hosting /FEDRAMP Compliant

Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on Amazon Web Services a FEDRAMP Client Cloud Service. Soon to be available on GSA Apps.gov Store

Accounting and Reporting

Loan Level US-SGL fully compliant integrated GL, full GAGAS compliant, SSAE16 audited, fully integrated with Treasury Pay.gov, Lockbox collections and PAM, SPS disbursements, real-time GL/Trial Balance with drill down, On-Demand reports and queries, comprehensive daily interface to Agency Core Accounting System; Treasury Report of Receivables

Case Studies

HUD National Loan Servicing Support

Served as Key Personnel for the transition, build and operations of a 1.2 Million Secretary Held Loan Portfolio providing full loan servicing, loss mitigation, default management, cash management, accounting, and reporting. Stood up center, transitioned systems, data, and collateral files, developed procedures and implemented banking and accounting systems. Successfully completed three SSAE16 Audits, two OIG Audits, A-123 Audit, and quarterly Agency QC reviews.

SMART Business Service Provider

Subcontractor for the transfer, modernization, and transformation of three mission-critical HUD legacy systems.  Successfully converted and modernized all systems to web-based technology, transitioned to Amazon Web Services and converted all data. Fully modernized the system operations and implemented on-demand reporting and interfaces. On-going transformation to Microsoft.Net environment.

OptiAM® Accounts Receivable Guide

Download our printable Financial Services Division brochure.

OptiAM® Debt Collection Guide

Download our printable Federal Debt Collection System brochure.

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