January 6, 2024 – Andromeda Systems Incorporated, a leader in innovative solutions for military and commercial sectors, announced today the appointment of Ron Weinberger as the new Vice President of their International Military Sales Department. Weinberger, a highly respected figure in global sustainment and program growth, brings over three decades of experience to the role.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Ron join our team,” said the leadership of Andromeda Systems. “His track record speaks for itself. His expertise in managing large-scale military acquisition portfolios and his deep understanding of the global military market will be invaluable as we continue to expand our international presence.”

Weinberger has been recognized for his exceptional service with the U.S. Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award, highlighting his significant role in driving innovation and fortifying partnerships with various U.S. Department of Defense services and agencies. His career milestones include leading one of the most prominent international portfolios within U.S. Naval Commands, where he achieved a historic $75 billion in open financial cases in Foreign Military Sales. This marked an impressive 28% growth over 28 months, coupled with a 21% reduction in administrative expenses.

In addition to his outstanding leadership in foreign military sales, Weinberger is known for his strategic establishment of the International Sustainment Center (ISC). The ISC, operating independently, supports over 40 country programs and has been instrumental in managing a $6.5 billion international portfolio. This initiative has significantly contributed to local economic growth through maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO), training, and transportation services.

Moreover, Weinberger pioneered the Department of State’s first-ever pre-approved Third Party Re-Transfer Assurance among Department of Defense agencies, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting global and regional sustainment training. His vision also led to the establishment of the Foreign Military Sales Transportation Team, which has tackled supply chain challenges effectively and established key partnerships with the Department of Transportation and the Sector of Border and Protection.

Weinberger’s appointment is seen as a strategic move by Andromeda Systems to bolster its position in the international military sales market. His appointment is expected to bring a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to the department, strengthening Andromeda Systems’ commitment to excellence in global military partnerships.

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