ASI has partnered with RLDatix to utilize their OneView ( software
to provide workforce optimization functionality to its OptiAM® Enterprise Asset Management platform.

RLDatix’s Allocate OneView is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) workforce optimization and resource management application that supports time-based management of people, resources, and operations. By holding data in a single structure, Allocate OneView leads to improved decision-making and workforce optimization.

OptiAM® Enterprise Asset Management is designed to be easy to use and quickly implemented while leveraging powerful predictive analytics and mobile technology to convert data into actionable knowledge to optimize asset performance. Originally developed for the exacting standards of the U.S. Military by experienced maintenance personnel, OptiAM® applies to a wide range of asset types in any industry environment.

The addition of OneView to OptiAM’s substantial list of features creates the perfect EAM solution for any workplace environment.

RLDatix hosted a webinar on July 28th discussing this integration, to access the webinar recording please use the following link:

To set up a demo of OptiAM® /OneView, please email Russ DeSalvo at or contact him by phone at +1 (904) 402-8641.

For more information on RLDatix’s Allocation OneView and OptiAM® Enterprise Asset Management please use the links below: