ASI Innovation & New Products Division
The goal of ASI’s Innovation & New Products Division (INPD) is to identify and seamlessly connect ASI divisions with innovative processes and new technology to create advanced logistics support solutions to improve customer performance, satisfaction, and expand into new markets.

Building capability – Leading Innovations
ASI is fulfilling its vision of continuously pushing the limits of innovation, technology, and conventional thinking. Innovation & New Products Division (INPD), is currently developing a new technology inventory solution, the Autonomous Drone Visual Inventory System of Record (ADVISOR). ADVISOR will combine off the shelf, state of the art drone and camera technology with industry leading decoding software to offer each customer a fully customized and scalable inventory management system. ADVISOR uses an off-the-shelf drone, that can be flown locally or remotely, to accomplish rapid and accurate inventory management. Inventory data is relayed, in real time, to either a local server, or Cloud servers for decoding and storage. Industry leading decoding software will be incorporated to optimize individual operations and present data in a Business Intelligence (BI) interface to integrate into existing enterprise systems, including commercially available Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). ADVISOR provides faster and more reliable inventory solution for all businesses.

Delivering New Technology
Bring technology to the customer. INPD technology integrator, Rob McCutcheon, in collaboration with Honeywell, conducted a Site Survey with the Marine Forces Storage Command (MFSC) at Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany, GA. This was in preparation for a capability demonstration of the Maintenance & Inspection Voice check system to be used during their Limited Technical Inspections (LTI) performed on their ground vehicles. MFSC is familiar with the Voice check system and is eager to move to this next phase. These LTIs are performed numerous times a day across the vast number of vehicles housed at MCLBs Albany, Barstow and Blunt Island. M&I Voice check will enable MFSC to reduce the time of these inspections while improving accuracy and accountability. The capability demonstration is tentatively planned for August

Bringing Technology Solutions to the Customer
AFWERX is a community of Air Force innovators who strive to connect Airmen to solutions across the force: whether that be funding, collaborating with industry, or simply receiving guidance on a project. INPD Strategy Director, Greg Hutson, in collaboration with ASI team members, recently submitted four candidates to AFWERX challenges. Two of those projects were selected to proceed to the next phase of the challenge and ASI, in concert with USAF partners, will virtually present the programs (Voice-Directed Maintenance and Inspection System for USAF Specialty Vehicles and the Airman & Family Financial Resiliency Program) to a USAF evaluation team.

To learn more about ASI’s Innovation & New Products Division (INPD) division please email Rob McCutcheon at or contact him by telephone at 904-402-8679.