NGAUS Conference BadgeAndromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI) will introduce DefenseSuite, a unique military planning, and enterprise management solution, to Adjutant Generals and members of the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) at the 135th General Conference & Exhibition September 20 – 23 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

DefenseSuite is a technology solution developed by Allocate Software, PLC, made available in the U.S. through a strategic alliance between the two companies. Conference attendees will meet representatives from ASI and Allocate during the conference at the Hawaii Convention Center at booth 521.

“One of the most immediate issues facing U.S. military is the search for savings through comparative cost modeling,” said Carl Sawyer, ASI’s CIO and VP of Information Systems & Services. “DefenseSuite is the only platform of its kind to drill down to the true life-cycle cost of just one Soldier, Airman or Guardsman. This capability not only enables comparative modeling, but commanders can also know their optimum steady state and predict an accurate surge posture in near real time.”

According to Sawyer, the key to DefenseSuite’s effectiveness is its capacity to aggregate data from existing systems, cleanse the data over time and produce a common view across the Force Structure. Processes are refined, staff burden is reduced and true costs become transparent.

“DefenseSuite represents a new way of thinking about workforce optimization for a modern military environment,” Sawyer said, “especially for National Guard units which often must generate military output while fulfilling both state and federal roles during dual status commands.”

Early evaluations demonstrate how the system meets or exceeds relevant strategic, operational and policy directives from multiple agencies and initiatives, including the Air National Guard’s SPS priorities, DoD IT Modernization requirements, and as a means to achieve shared situational awareness called upon by the Joint Action Plan for Developing Unity of Effort.

This holistic technology platform is currently deployed by allied commands across the globe to optimize processes while preventing duplicate data and effort. According to trial reports, DefenseSuite has been used to achieve whole ship coordination, integrated training and career management for the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and British Army, respectively.

With its unique capabilities, smooth implementation and flat learning curve, DefenseSuite is proven to enable measurable financial efficiency and meet mission requirements while reducing the risk of business change.

About Andromeda Systems Incorporated

Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI), founded in 2005, provides tools and services to program managers and fleet owners to gain critical insights and system improvements to optimize operations, make better business decisions and achieve measurable cost savings. These benefits are provided through integrated service areas: Engineering, Financial Management, Force Planning, Industrial Operations, Information Technology, Program & Acquisition Management and Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability, and Technical Publications.

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, ASI is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and ISO 9001:2008 NSAI certified to serve military, government and commercial enterprises from five additional locations in Crystal City, VA, Havelock, NC, Orange Park, FL, Patuxent River, MD and San Diego, CA.

About Allocate Software

Allocate Software, founded in 1991, is the leading provider of specialty solutions to optimize operational processes and resource planning for organizations with complex multi-skilled workforces. The company’s technology solutions support efficient operation and cost control for people-based industries such as healthcare, defense and maritime.

Headquartered in London, Allocate Software is quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: ALL) and serves an international client base from regional offices in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Swede, and the US.

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