Logisticians and engineers, from novices to experienced professionals, as well as maintenance planners, managers and technicians from the military, municipal and commercial sectors, are invited to attend this Integrated Logistics Support Training event April 18 – 22, 2011. The course provides the instruction and practice to apply lifecycle management processes to acquired systems, equipment, and high-value physical assets. Registration is discounted before March 15. As an introductory course, there are no prerequisite requirements to attend.

“Design Interface and Maintenance Planning [DI/MP] are disciplines that have come of age,” said Ron Wagner, lead course instructor and founder of the Logistics and Maintenance Applied Research Center at Georgia Tech.  “For the first time, this DI/MP course will demonstrate and teach design interface and maintenance planning professionals the tools to influence design throughout the life cycle and optimize supportability to meet customer requirements.” Wagner is one of three, course instructors.

This five-day course provides 40 hours of training designed to provide an in-depth understanding of DI/MP disciplines as they relate to the five phases of Defense Acquisition Management System (DoDI 5000 Model). It is approved by and meets NAVAIR DI/MP certification requirements.

“With their newly acquired skills, logisticians and engineers in industry and commercial enterprises will be able to achieve ‘design for performance at the lowest total cost,’” Wagner said. Upon completion, participants will be able to describe DI/MP integration within a systems engineering, integrated product team (IPT) environment; explain the Logistics Management Information (LMI) System development and delivery process, and apply critical DI/MP processes throughout the phases of Acquisition and Sustainment.

Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI) will host the event at its office and training facility in Orange Park, Florida. According to Vice President of Engineering and Logistics J.C. Leverette, the company’s training experience, location, and industry-recognized experts make ASI uniquely qualified to provide DI/MP training. “We’ve certified 575 logistics and engineering professionals in design interface and maintenance planning to date,” said Leverette.

Orange Park is a suburb of Jacksonville in Northeast Florida, known as America’s Logistics Center. Additionally, attendees will be able to network with ASI’s award-winning engineers and logisticians. Recognitions include the ASNE RADM Claude Jones Award; Captain Virgil Lemmon Naval Aviation Maintenance Award; and the NAVAIR Admiral Stan Arthur Logistics Excellence Award.

The cost to attend is $1995 if registered before March 15 and includes all course materials. Registration after March 15 is $2295. Meals and accommodations are not included. Space is limited. The deadline to register is April 4, 2011, and all registrations are transferable.

For more information, contact Chris Rooksberry, 904.637.2002 or email ILSTraining@androsysinc.com.

To view the complete Course Catalog of training opportunities provided by ASI, click here.

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