Lexington Park, MD – Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI), a leader in providing innovative solutions for warfighter readiness, proudly participated in the American Veterans Advocacy (AVA) Group’s Industry Panel and Networking event on March 13, 2024. This pivotal event, held at the Elks Lodge in Lexington Park, Maryland, marked a significant step forward in facilitating the seamless transition of military members and their spouses into civilian life.

The AVA Group, a dedicated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has long been at the forefront of assisting veterans and their families in Southern Maryland. In partnership with the Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (TAP), the AVA Group’s event brought together over 25 attendees, providing them with invaluable resources, insights, and networking opportunities to aid their transition.

A Highlight of Commitment and Community

ASI’s participation underscores our ongoing commitment to the military community, a cornerstone of our company culture, given the significant number of our team members with military affiliations. The event featured an engaging industry panel discussion, where ASI representatives shared expert advice on recruiting, resumes, interview techniques, and salary negotiations. Post-panel, ASI’s team, including Shawn Sherard and Rob Willis, engaged with attendees, offering deeper insights into our operations and the opportunities available within the Pax area.

A Personal Touch to Professional Growth

Reflecting on the event, Rob Willis, VP of Acq. & Program Management at ASI and a panel participant shared, “The Industry Panel was a reflection of our dedication to those who’ve served. Having gone through my transition in 2012, I understand the importance of these moments. They’re not just about finding a job; they’re about discovering a community and an organization where your values and skills are appreciated and utilized.”

Looking Forward

This event is just one of many ways ASI continues to support and grow within our community, expand our network, and strengthen our ties with the transitioning military community. Through initiatives like these, we not only give back but also enrich our organization with the diverse experiences and perspectives that veterans bring to the civilian workforce.

ASI looks forward to continued collaboration with the AVA Group and other partners dedicated to supporting our veterans. Together, we aim to provide a platform for success and recognize the invaluable contributions of our military members and their families to our community and our country.

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Contact Information:

Rob Willis
VP of Acq. & Program Management