OptiAM + Honeywell = Solutions

OptiAM® and Honeywell Voice Solution combined with ASI’s expertise in the field of Maintenance and Supportability are set to revolutionize maintenance and inspection procedures, allowing for better documentation and data quality.

The partnership will utilize the Voice Solutions platform as a module on our OptiAM® maintenance management software package. This collaboration will enhance the OptiAM® software package by providing a voice-directed maintenance and inspection checklist feature, assisting technicians with “at the point of performance” task completion.

Since the task of documenting maintenance and inspection results can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Workers are continually interrupted with multi-step paperwork, clumsy technical manuals, inefficient workflow, and cumbersome data entry procedures. Mobile support hardware, such as tablets and tough books are not well-suited for dirty, busy hand environments.

The chart below highlights the benefits of the OptiAM® | Honeywell Voice solution:

OptiAM and Honeywell Chart
OptiAM® is a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software system centered on supportability analysis and the integration of asset management, PSA data, and decision support tools. OptiAM® is designed around a standards-based architecture (ISO 55000, SAE JA1011, GEIA-STD-0007B, ASD S1000D, and others) and interfaces making it easy to use and implement. OptiAM® and Honeywell Voice Solutions bring product support processes and maintenance planning/execution into one system facilitating continuous improvement.

OptiAM® | Honeywell Voice Solutions integration will leverage powerful predictive analytics and mobile technology to convert data into actionable knowledge to optimize asset performance. This also enables seamless connectivity, data exchange, and interoperability across the value chain by leveraging the capabilities of OptiAM® with the power of Honeywell’s Voice Solution.

OptiAM® is Built on Analytics

Here are just some of the unique features OptiAM® users enjoy:


Standards Based

and easily extensible to meet the data exchange and easily extensible to meet the data exchange  requirements for ASD S3000L and S5000F

Ability to Customize Interfaces

and processes to customer needs, hence shortening adoption and learning curves

Utilizing Leading-edge Technology

including mobile Apps, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), IOT sensors and Predictive Maintenances analytics

Simple and Intuitive Interfaces

for Scheduled Maintenance Analysis, Optimization and Execution


Real-time Status

with a dashboard with insight to prioritize and optimize resources

Seamless Integration

with existing IT infrastructure, applications and databases


Latest Web-based Technology

ensures maximum reliability and security including hosting on a secure or hybrid cloud and SaaS models

Honeywell Voice Solution

Deployed worldwide with almost 1 million users in 60 countries. Total annual customer savings exceed $20 billion.
Advantages of voice direction and capture for M&I include:


Greater Efficiency

by removing manual data entry, enhanced compliance and streamlined data collection

Improved Accuracy

 by eliminating transposition errors and recording information at the time of observation


Near Real-time Visibility

 into operations information and the ability to quickly adapt to workflow changes


Optimized Maintenance

 and inspection workflow reducing process time

Increased Employee Satisfaction

and retention as well as reduced training time for new employees


Learn how the OptiAM®/Honeywell solution will benefit your business. We provide a customized tour and can answer all your questions.


Download our OptiAM®/Honeywell brochure for a more in-depth guide to available solutions.

OPTIAM®/HONEYWELL for Inventory & Distribution Centers

Download our OptiAM®/Honeywell Distribution Center Guide for a more in-depth guide to available solutions.

What our OptiAM® clients are saying…

“As a small business owner, it’s critical that we stay a step ahead when it comes to the service and maintenance of our entire brewing operation – from cleaning the boilers to servicing the canning line to making sure all of our vehicles get their oil changed on time. ASI’s software program allows us, in one simple-to-use program, to do just that. It keeps our team on task both today, next week, next month and next year while protecting the investment we’ve made in our equipment. In short, this program will save us money.”

– L.J. Govoni, Big Storm Brewing

“Our Inspector told us we no longer had to present all the paper records during our FAA Certification Inspections. The reports show them everything they need without shuffling through folders.”

“In the past, we were only capable of updating maintenance plans annually. This was because the master document was kept locally, updated through the year as changes were required and distributed as hard copies to all locations. Now, because of OptiAM® we can make changes to PM tasks within minutes, which is immediately accessible to all users around the country.”

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