About FleetChek Fire Checklist

FleetChek Fire Checklist is a mobile application that automates the performance and recording of required daily and other periodic checks and inspections for First Responders. Fire Checklist makes secure and paperless records & reports a possibility, eliminating the need for document storage and reducing the likelihood of incomplete inspections that can prove dangerous to your fleet’s safety. FleetChek Fire Checklist automatically generates tamper-proof records and reports, so you are always in the know.

All FleetChek data lives on our secure server, eliminating the need for storage on Application local servers or devices. The system can be integrated with other applications, to allow data transfer between systems.

What are the Benefits of FleetChek?

There’s a vast array of benefits FleetChek gives to you as a user.
Here are just some of them:


Replace the clipboard!



Checklist format gives you updates at a glance.


Identifies any vehicle that needs an inspection.



Add and Delete assets as necessary.


Add new documents and view documents available.



Move from one fleet, district or station to the other.



Pull records whenever you need.

Its the inspection software you needed years ago.

Secure and Paperless

Built with the Features You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Hand-Held Device

iOS tablets replace the clipboard for conducting vehicle or asset Device inspections. The FleetChek app gets loaded on the tablet and the users’ secure login provides access to the menu of FireChecklist inspections in their account. Apparatus can be listed by asset number, station assignment or vehicle type. Inspection checklists can be pulled up on the inspectors’ tablet. Warnings, cautions, and instructional media can be included with the inspection procedures. Repair work orders can be generated directly from the checklist if discrepancies are found and immediately routed to maintenance personnel. Each inspection is time and date stamped. Their unique login identifies the inspector.

View History Easily

Any authorized user can bring up every inspection on a particular asset maintained in FleetChek. An operator conducting an inspection can refer back to any previous inspection from the tablet. All comments, photos, and dates are immediately available for review through the app.

Checklist Format

The FleetChek App allows you to create your own custom checklist or you can use the apparatus manufacturers standard checklist. They can be basic chassis checks or detailed inventory. Our standard checklist format allows the inspector to check each inspection item and assess the condition as “Acceptable”, “Not Acceptable” or “N/A”. In the “Comments” eld, the inspector can enter remarks or even use the forward facing camera on the iOS tablet to take a picture of the reported discrepancy or the condition of an asset. Fields for mileage, engine hours, pump hours etc. are linked to our report generation feature that allows reports to be queried showing apparatus usage for maintenance scheduling or lifecycle planning. Thresholds can be used for volumes or pressures. For example, if the department standard for a nitrogen cylinder is 1800 psi and the pressure entered is less than 1800 psi, it is tagged in the inspection. This feature is used for fuel, agent, SCBA pressure, oxygen, etc.

The Optimized Scheduler

The FleetChek optimized scheduler identifies any asset due for inspection. The authorized user can adjust the scheduler dates and fields. If a daily inspection is called for when the operator logs in, that inspection will be available. If the weekly or monthly inspection is due, the optimized scheduler brings up the appropriate inspection. A review of the asset list shows any vehicles that have not yet been inspected for any scheduled inspection.


The records for FireChecklist inspections can be sorted in a number of different views:

By Asset

The list of assets can be viewed based on the order of asset numbers. Asset numbers can be VINs, airport assigned inventory numbers, designations (e.g. Crash 1, Rescue 1) or all of the above.

By Station or District

Assets and inspections can be viewed for a single station or the entire jurisdiction.

By Dates

Select any range of dates to see inspections completed during that period.


By Apparatus Grouping

ARFF Vehicles, Engines, Ambulances, etc.

See Other Assets

FireChecklist can be used for any inspection checklist including public access defibrillator’s, ramp fire extinguishers, building fire extinguishers, sprinkler control valves, etc.

Your Complete Hand-Held Inspection Solution

Fire apparatus (and the equipment carried) needs to be in a constant state of readiness. Fire Department procedures typically require at least a daily check out, and most likely, a weekly (or monthly) inspection. Most departments agree the paper trail of these inspections is accountable for follow-up of reported faults.

FleetChek’s FireChecklist system administers a secure, paperless solution that provides for accountability, consistency and automatic generation of tamper-proof records and reports. It’s a greater level of consistency in inspections. It also generates automatic notifications for reported discrepancies, and inspections completed.

Who trusts FleetChek?

Our FAA inspectors were amazed at how easy it was to review our fueling records. We no longer need to keep any paper records. They suggested we share the information of FleetChek’s Fueler Checklist with other airports!

– Comments from the Fire Chief at an International Airport

The system is easy to use, and the records are automatically maintained. The last year we used paper records, The FAA Inspector spent 6 hours reviewing the records, the first year reviewing the FleetChek fueling records took 1 hour. The second year, it was about  40 minutes.

– Comments from a Fueling Inspector at a Major International Airport

I don’t know why every airport isn’t using FleetChek. It’s a no-brainer.

– Comments from a Fueling Inspector at a Major International Airport

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