Andromeda Systems attends Career Fair in Jacksonville, informs students on Career Pathways and potential employment.

Jordan, a member of the GHS RoboDawgs robotics team for the past four years, plans to attend Michigan State University with majors in engineering and business. At the career fair, he struck up an extended conversation with Andy Popescu, a stress engineer at Andromeda Systems Incorporated, an aviation and infrastructure sustainment company. The two discussed carbon fiber composites and other materials used in military aircraft repairs. 

Student Jordan Swieringa shakes hands with engineer Andy Popescu after a conversation about engineering careers and carbon fiber composites.

“It’s really interesting to me because they work a lot with material science — how each carbon composite works or how different materials interact with each other, and why you need all the different parts to be in place when you design or make a change to the aircraft,” Jordan said. 

The fact that such a specific career track – and one that uses his precise robotics skills – could be an option was eye-opening, he said.

“I thought that it was something that was more or less exclusive to certain areas of the country,” Jordan said. “I didn’t know that there were more options throughout the nation, which is why I’m really glad that (Andromeda) was here and I’m really glad we had this career fair.” 

Popescu, who works remotely for Andromeda, beamed when he heard of Jordan’s interest. 

“(The students) are asking great questions, and I’m really glad that I could be here today,” Popescu said. “I really wanted to be able to give them (career) advice that I wish I had gotten in high school.” For the full story please visit: