Andromeda Systems Incorporated’s (ASI) Innovation and New Products Division (INPD) is proud to announce a collaboration with Honeywell Voice to help technicians with “at the point of performance” task completion. ASI is incorporating Honeywell’s Voice Maintenance and Inspection solution into its OptiAM® Asset Management software to provide a voice-directed maintenance and inspection checklist feature.

The task of documenting maintenance and inspection results can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Workers are continually interrupted with multi-step paperwork, clumsy technical manuals, inefficient workflow, and cumbersome data entry procedures. Mobile support hardware, such as tablets and tough books are not well-suited for dirty, busy hand environments.

The Honeywell Voice Solution is deployed worldwide with almost 1 million users in 60 countries. Total annual customer savings exceed $20 billion. Advantages of voice direction and capture for M&I include:

  • Greater efficiency by removing manual data entry, enhanced compliance and streamlined data collection.
  • Improved accuracy by eliminating transposition errors and recording information at the time of observation.
  • Near real-time visibility into operations information and the ability to quickly adapt to workflow changes.
  • Optimized maintenance and inspection workflow reducing process time.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention as well as reduced training time for new employees.

The chart below highlights the benefits of the OptiAM® solution incorporating Honeywell Voice:

As a module of ASI’s OptiAM® maintenance management software, maintenance organizations gain the benefits of accurate task execution and improved data capture. Future elements will include the addition of a performance analysis dashboard, prognostic knowledge delivered to the point of performance, and connection to the Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis (RCMA) foundations of ASI’s Supportability Optimization Methodology (SOM). In partnership with the Honeywell Voice solution, ASI is bringing voice-enabled maintenance task performance to high-value fleet operations. Leveraging ASI’s OptiAM® back end software fleet managers will be able to realize the benefits of hands-free maintenance and inspection and efficiently capture data for continuous performance improvement.

Customized solutions for products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets are in work, along with horizontal market-ready solutions (trucking pre/post-trip inspection and airport fuel operations).

OptiAM® + Honeywell Voice combined with ASI’s expertise in the field of Maintenance and Supportability will revolutionize maintenance and inspection procedures, allowing for better documentation and data quality.

To learn more about ASI’s INPD Maintenance and Inspection Initiative please email Rob McCutcheon at or contact by telephone at 904-402-8679.